Muslim cab driver attacked for not chanting “Jaisree Ram’’ in Hyderabad. “I made around 50 calls for the help, but police couldn’t reach on the spot,’’ recounts Lateef


Sep 4, 2022

Hyderabad September 04: (VM) A Muslim cab driver was reportedly attacked and his car was vandalized for not chanting “Jaisree Ram” in Hyderabad on Saturday night.

Syed Lateef Uddin from Chandrayangutta, got a message to pick up a passenger from Alkapur X Road in Shaikpet on Saturday night, when he was heading towards pick up point, some people tried to stop him, but Lateef kept moving. Later, he was followed by the same people and attacked him at a dead-end when his vehicle came to halt. The attackers reportedly damaged his vehicle by throwing boulders on his car and forced him to chant religious slogans.

“I was on the way to Shaikpet to pick up a passenger from the Alkapur area. Meanwhile, a group of youths tried to stop me, but I managed to sped away. Despite this, almost 6 people followed me on their respective bikes, but I had to stop it at a dead-end. Immediately after, they began to throw boulders on my car, resulting damage. I was attacked and compelled me to chant “Jaisree Ram,’’ but I managed to run from place,’’ recounted, Syed Lateef.

The driver reportedly made several calls on 100 for help but Cyberabad police reportedly didn’t reach at the spot. “I made almost 50 calls for help but police personnel didn’t turn up. it was around 3.45 am when I made first call and afterward kept calling them despite this, no one appeared even by 5 AM,’’ added, Muslim cab driver.

Narsingi Police registered a case and investigation is on. “ A complaint was registered by the police and we were assured to help in the matter to find out the fact behind the incident,’’ added Amjadullah Khan, spokesperson, MBT.

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