Telangana: NCRB data reveals ‘worrisome’ increase in crimes against children


Sep 3, 2022

Hyderabad: The National Crime Records Bureau recorded a total of 5,667 crimes against children in 2021. This means that over 15 crimes were committed per day in the year, stated Child Rights and You (CRY) in their analysis.

In terms of cybercrimes, Telangana reported the highest number of such cases in India, with a whopping 17 cases.

Shedding light on the need to strengthen protection mechanisms for children, John Roberts, regional director of CRY said, “It is worrisome that criminal activities in Telangana are rocketing. It is absolutely crucial to address the increasing concern for children’s protection, both at the level of the system and in society. At the systemic level, there is a need to allocate adequate resources and budget for child protection and society so that the implementation of schemes and child protection systems can be strengthened.”

“In terms of society, it is crucial for every citizen to realize their role and be vigilant, report cases of crimes against children. Also, child-protection mechanisms in the communities including Village Child Protection Committees (VCPCs) need to be empowered since they are the vigilant task force responsible to avert crimes at the village-level and can play a significant role in protecting children,” he added.

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